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Life Coach Julie SnellJulie Snell

Hello! My name is Julie Snell. I’m here because I want to teach most what I want to learn. I’ve got this hunger to learn and burning desire to share what I’ve learned. I’ve been on the personal growth path for the past decade after being brought to my knees. Since then, I’ve been shedding piece by piece the monster that has been standing in my way towards love, happiness, and fulfillment. Now, I am on a mission to gently help others get out of their on way.

I’m a life coach, specializing in personal growth as well as relationship and executive coaching. As a private practitioner, I am able to work with a broad spectrum of clients—including those who have suffered through abusive relationships, difficult childhoods and low self-esteem that stems from a variety of sources.

I am a collaborative, holistic, result-oriented life coach. This approach allows me to provide support and feedback to help my clients address all types of life challenges. I integrate a variety of coaching techniques with personalized assignments that allow me to offer a program that is designed just for you. With compassion and understanding, I will work with you to build on your strengths and improve your weaknesses to attain high levels of personal growth.

As a  Coach, I offer to you my experience and my ability to get you results from my proven methods immediately.  You don’t have to suffer for as long as I did.  I would be honored to help you get out of your own way towards a peaceful, centered, joyful “YOU”.

If you want to ask me a question fill out the contact form or call me at (407) 340-7722.