Empowering Videos

If you want to move towards a more peaceful, centered, and joyful life, watch these videos, than re-watch them again. These renowned authors share with the audience empowering keys to living a fulfilling life.

Shirzad Chamine Google Talk: Positive Intelligence

Stanford Professor Shirzad Chamine work exposes 10 well-disguised mental saboteurs (gremlins) and shares how to defeat them.  This video goes into more depth about gremlins (saboteurs). 

Shirzad Chamine at TEDxStanford: Know your inner saboteurs (gremlins)

Shirzad Chamine shows Stanford students how his research on positive intelligence can help them achieve their full potential for professional success and personal fulfillment

Anthony Robbins: Hour of Power

Hour of Power is Tony's 3-Step process designed to help you create rituals for sustainable success.  A daily ritual of physical and emotional conditioning, Hour of Power will not only allow you to face whatever the day might hold, but also orient you toward your goals and toward the extraordinary life you deserve.

Tony Robbins’ Emotional Flood Exercise

Join in as Tony leads this exercise, which he calls the Emotional Flood, and begin to flood yourself with positive experiences.  It only takes 5 minutes to begin your day on a peaceful, centered, joyful note.

Anthony Robbins: Why We Do What We Do

Tony Robbins discusses about the invisible forces, the six human needs, that make us do what we do.  Our need for Certainty, Uncertainty/Variety, Love/Connection, Significance, Growth, and Contribution.  Powerful talk.

Father Anthony De Mello: Wake Up Part 1 – How To Pray

Father Anthony DeMello talks about praying from the heart.

Father Anthony De Mello: Wake Up Part 2 – How To Be Real

Seminar with priest Anthony de Mello who explains how to be real and what does it mean.

Father Anthony De Mello: Wake Up Part 3 – How To Love

Father De Mello  powerful talk on Love.