Additional online information and resources to help you on your journey.


What is Anxiety?

Living with Anxiety

Treatment for Anxiety

Natural Remedies for Anxiety


What is Depression?

WebMD – Causes of Depression

Understanding Depression

Dealing with Depression

Medline Plus – News/Information

National Institute of Mental Health – Depression

Getting Unstuck:

Taming Your Gremlin

Harvard Business School – Feeling Stuck?

HubPages: How To Get Unstuck

Persistence Unlimited – How To Get Unstuck

Taming Your Turbulent Past

Ultra Wellness – How To Get Unstuck

What should You do When You’re Stuck  

Health and Wellbeing:

The Mind Unleashed – Uncover Your True Potential

Gizmag – Articles on Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellness Overview

Healthy Happy Prosperous Mind Body & Soul

Health Information and Wellbeing

iVillage – Health and Wellbeing

The Center for Health and Wellbeing


Wikipedia – Intimate Relationship

Fear of Intimacy Handling Intimacy

How to Build Intimacy In Your Relationship

Sex and the Search for Intimacy – Fear of Intimacy

The Impact of Fear of Intimacy

Loss and Grief:

BBC – The Cycle of Grief Coping with Grief and Loss

Counseling Center – Grief and Loss

How to Move on

The Psychology of Death


How Self-Motivated Are You?

How to Motivate Yourself Motivation 123

Shame and Guilt:

eNotAlone – Introduction to Shame and Guilt

Guilt and Shame

Letting Go of Shame and Guilt

Workplace Resolution:

8 Strategies to Manage Workplace Conflict

Articles on Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict Resolution Activities

People Management Tips

Tips for Dealing With Workplace Conflict