Taming the Monster of Your Mind In Three Simple Steps

When:  Tuesday April 4, 2017 at 6:30 pm
Where:  2203 Hillcrest Street, Orlando, FL

The class is based on Rick Carson’s book Taming Your Gremlin.  You will learn in depth the three simple steps to taming the monster of your mind to a more peaceful, centered, joyful “You”.  You will learn to (1) Notice your gremlin; (2) Play with choices; and (3) Be in process. The results of the class is a more peaceful, centered, joyful “You”.  You will begin to be more proactive verses being reactive to life’s situation or circumstances that are out of your control.  You will begin to notice how you habitually react to things and make changes if necessary.  Class duration is typically one hour long.  For questions regarding the class, please call (407) 340-7722 or contact me.

We don’t change through resistance or effort.  We change by simply practicing The Zen Theory of Change.

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