Hi, my name is Uyen Hoang and I'm excited you found me.  I am here to hold space with you while you discover your TRUTHS and learn to let go of the FEARS that is holding you back from living a more full, rich, abundant life.

I am a Corporate Banker, Blogger, and Spiritual Practioner. For two decades, I earned a lucrative living as a finance professional in the corporate world; however, I had personal insecurities that was holding me back from living a more rich, full, abundant life.

All the gurus I studied, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Thit Nhat Hanh, Ernest Holmes, and several others led me to discover this truth, "I GET TO CHOOSE MOMENT BY MOMENT, BREATH BY BREATH, THE EXPERIENCE I WANT TO HAVE".  No one has any power over me except for me.  That was my AHA moment.  All I have to do is make one Conscience Choice at a time towards the life I want.  Towards a life, I would Love.  Guided by a highly collaborated question, "WHAT WOULD I LOVE TO DO?".

My dream is to help one person each day realize they can and want to live a more full, rich, abundant life.

Why I Want To Help People

Because of my Catholic upbringing, I would never kill myself, but I welcomed the thought of a big semi truck wrapping my car around a tree, I told the first psychologist I ever saw.  She quickly diagnosed me with depression.  She recommended I see a psychiatrist so I can begin antidepressant treatment to increase my serotonin level before we can begin therapy.

I blamed resisting to see a shrink on the suicidal side effects of antidepressants and I didn't want to end up like my aunt.  The truth was, I didn't want to be judged manic, unstable, weak, or broken. Adjectives that are typically associated with people who seek help from a shrink or therapist.  The word depression did not exists in my family and was seen as a first world problem.  Privileged people problems.  The reason I refused professional help in the beginning probably made my healing process take longer than it would have been.

However, that day, I made the first courageous choice for myself. I chose LIFE on my terms! The journey to heal and love myself began in 2006 and will continue until I leave this physical body.

Today, I am married to a loving husband, who is the love of my life.  I have three amazing children.  Living a life beyond the life I thought was possible for me.

I see too many people suffering not physically, but emotionally and I want to help.  Through my incessant pursuit to not only survive but to thrive, I got the results that I desired and I want to pay it forward.

My Goal

It took me since 2006 to embody the excitement, love, and joy I so passionately wanted to be.  My sincerest desire is to connect with you through my stories and hold your hands while you discover your TRUTH and gently uncover your root FEAR.


All the best,



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