TAKEBACKPOWER.COMI am a Corporate Banker, Blogger, and Spiritual Practioner.  I earn a living as a finance professional in the corporate world; however, I had personal insecurities that kept me from being even more.  I hired life coaches, attended personal growth seminars, studied Mind Science, and many other healing methods.  What I discovered was, the more I became conscious, aware of my thoughts, my beliefs, my values, the more confident I became.  My life has grown in all areas and is more than I dreamed it could be.

Most of all I know and believe, I am RESPONSIBLE for everything I want to Be, Do, and Have in this life.  It is so empowering, because it is all within my control.  I've dedicated this website to curatimg the most effective holistic healing tools incorporating the mind, body, and spirit I discovered along my path to emotional feedom.


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