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I only recommend methods that produced life-changing results for me personally.


What are you feeding your body?

I believe thought really begins in your gut; therefore, a healthy gut equates to a healthy mind.  Do you think more clearly on a healthy meal filled with macronutrients such as fat, protein, and carb from nature-based sources or on a bowl of delicious spaghetti bolognese?


What are you feeding your mind?

It is our innate nature to desire to grow and develop.  To have intellectually stimulating experiences.  You ever felt the feeling of stuck in a rut?  That is our innate nature asking for more stimulating experiences different from the previous one.


How much are you feeding your spirit?

To live in spirit/soul is to live in love and love is denied by fear.  Spirit is fed by selfless acts of love.  Giving meaningfully is the most selfless act of Love.

TAKEBACKPOWER.COMI am a Corporate Banker, Blogger, and Spiritual Practioner. For two decades, I earned a lucrative living as a finance professional in the corporate world; however, I had personal insecurities that was holding me back from living a more rich, full, abundant life.  I hired life coaches, attended Tony Robbins seminars, and studied Mind Science and many other healing methods.  What I discovered was, the more I became conscious, basically aware of my thoughts, my beliefs, my values, the more confident I became.  My life has grown in all areas and is more than I dreamed it could be.

If you want to live a more richer, fuller, abundant life and feel you have a hard time moving forward, you may be stifled by fear like I was.  If you want help removing the fear that is holding you back contact me for a free session.


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